• The School District of Clayton Libraries are an integral part of the District’s total program. They function as the center of information for the schools. The programming encourages patrons to use, produce and evaluate information, to become lifelong learners, and to become responsible citizens in our democracy. The library program provides free and equitable access to information in a variety of formats, promotes literacy and recreational reading, and provides leadership in using resources to access, use and evaluate information for the enhancement of learning.

    Listed below are the Enduring Understandings of the Library curriculum.  These are statements that summarize important ideas and core processes that are central to a discipline and have lasting value beyond the classroom.
    Enduring Understandings
    • Students can find access to and use the technologies they need.
    • Students can find books that they enjoy, whether they are print, electronic, or in a format not yet invented.
    • Students choose to read for leisure.
    • Students recognize that a library is a place that is physically inviting and that encourages exploration, experimentation, and expansion of knowledge.
    • Students can access, use, manipulate, synthesize, produce and evaluate information using a variety of formats.
    • Students are aware of community resources, agencies and databases.
    • Students are comfortable using public and university libraries.