• Seventh-Grade Social Studies Learning Objectives
    Seventh-grade social studies is a course designed to give you the opportunity to explore America in the 20th century. We will begin our year with a review of the Constitution and will continue discussing constitutional issues throughout the year. Our study begins with the presidency of William McKinley and concludes with the presidency of Barack Obama. We will walk through progress and depression, work through wars, explore civil rights, and become a community of thinkers as we work through the year.

    Enduring Understandings:
    1. The past affects humans, humans affect the future.
    2. Humans act and react.
    3. Humans' relationship with the land affects their development.
    4. Both continuity and change are aspects of development.
    5. Humans are social beings.
    Essential Questions:
    1. Why do humans behave the way they do?
    2. What factors lead to disorder?
    3. Do the times shape the individual or the individual shape the times?
    4. What is progress? Have humans progressed?
    5. How has geography affected human, social, political, economic, and cultural development?
    6. How has technology affected human and cultural development?
    7. What makes a person or event important?
    Essential Skills:
    1. Research using a variety of sources
    2. Apply concepts taught in class to modern society
    3. Demonstrate an understanding of the responsibilities of United States citizens
    4. Develop an awareness of how past and present events impact the future
    1. United States Government
      Students will begin the year by exploring the purpose of the United States government and the United States constitution.
    2. Progressive Era
      Students will explore the effects reformers and reforms had on American business and politics during the Progressive Era.
    3. World War I
      Students will discuss and explore the factors that led to a large scale war in Europe and America's involvement. Students will further discuss the costs of war and the impact of the Treaty of Versailles.
    4. Roaring 20s
      Students will explore how economic prosperity during the 1920s affected Americans, society and culture. Students will further explore the affects of antiforeing sentiments on American society during the 20s.
    5. Depression
      Students will examine the causes and effects of the Great Depresion. Student will continue by discussing the programs of Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal.
    6. World War II
      Students will discuss and study the causes and effects of World War II. Students will explore reasons for United States involvement in the war. Students will explore the effects post war politics had on the United States and Europe.
    7. Cold War Era and America in the 1950s
      Students will explore the political causes and geographic effects of the Cold War. Students will evaluate 1950s American culture.
    8. Civil Rights
      Students will discuss and explore the people and events that led to advancements in Civil Rights.
    9. Toward a New Century
      Students will explore how the U.S. and the world changed during this era? Students will further explore how foreign policy helped shape the United States and the world during this time period.