• Parenting Education Program

    The Clayton Schools' Family Center program believes that a positive parent-child relationship is the core of a healthy and productive family. It is the family that has primary responsibility for fostering a child's emotional, intellectual and physical growth from the very important early years through adolescence. Because children receive an abundance of nurturing and education in the context of the family, it is possible to positively affect the growth of the child by understanding and supporting the entire family system. Family experiences are the foundations for success in school and in every other facet of life.

    Successful parenting requires creativity, intelligence, emotional stability, connection and capacity for growth. It also requires conscious examination of parenting practices. Too often, the critical parent-child relationship develops in isolation with little support from community. All parents, regardless of economic status, education, racial or ethnic background, benefit from opportunities to share experiences and information with each other, to learn about their child's development and to receive help in clarifying their parenting issues.

    Support for families is most effective when it is based in the communities where families live, work, or educate their children. Recognizing that schools are focal points in communities as well as direct beneficiaries of healthy parent-child interactions, parenting programs are an important investment and an integral community resource in the School District of Clayton.

    Providing continual information on child development and parenting supports and strengthens parents' skills and their feelings of competence and self-worth. This combination of skill and confidence promotes the child"s development and becomes a foundation for families to be strong, resourceful, and connected. This, in turn, enhances the community as a whole.

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