About Mr. Milliano

  • Photo of Mr. MillianoHi! Welcome to my webpage. I am a physics teacher at Clayton High School, and I absolutely love what I do. In my classes, we get to explore the universe and how it works. Students bring their natural curiosity to our investigations, and I help them build the data collection and analysis skills necessary to seek out the answers to their questions. 

    All of our physics classes at Clayton High School use an evidence-based instructional approach known as Modeling Instruction. This student-centered approach to teaching puts students in the driver's seat of their learning. Presented with a certain problem or scenario, students learn how to design and carry out their own experiments which address the problem at hand. Through collaboration with their peers, the students use their data to develop scientific and mathematical models to describe the physical phenomena they are studying.

    Need to get in contact with me? Please email me at the email address below.

    Email: josephmilliano@claytonschools.net