Welcome to the Learning Center

  • Contact Me

    I can be reached between 8:00AM and 3:30PM, Monday through Friday. I can't guarantee a quick response outside of those times, but I will do my best. Here are the best ways to get in touch.

    My email address is andrewroberts@claytonschools.net. I can usually respond within five minutes.

    If you'd like to meet virtually, there are two ways to do that:

    1. Enter my Zoom Meeting during office hours (8-9AM and 2-3PM, every day but Wed.)
    2. Email me to set up a virtual meeting at a more convenient time for you
      1. Please note that only students will be admitted into the Zoom room during class hours.

    If you would like to speak with me by phone, please email me the number where I can reach you. This is to keep my personal phone number private. I do not have access to my office phone during remote learning. 

  • Our goals:

    To develop confident, independent learners, problem-solvers, and critical thinkers who are open and ready to take on learning every day (being their best academic selves).


    What is a Learning Center class?

    Learning Center is a class for credit where you are provided the opportunity to work on homework assignments, collaborate with peers and teachers and grow as an independent learner.   Please let me know how I can help you accomplish the goals of this class. 


    How will this class be structured?

    1. Check-in: What will you be working on today?
    2. Work session:
      1. Mini-lessons
      2. Collaborative work
      3. Independent learning
      4. One-on-one student conferences
    3. Check-out: What was accomplished or what problems were there?


    Online class expectations:

    • You need to be logged in at the beginning of class for attendance purposes.
    • You are also expected to be logged in throughout the class period. You need to participate in the class while you are logged in, meaning you should always be available to respond to questions when prompted.
    • You’ll need to work with your teacher and classmate(s). We believe that some of our best thinking and growing comes when we work with others.
    • If you need additional help, your Learning Center teacher is also available between 2:00 and 3:00PM (Learning Support).


    How to contact your Learning Center Instructor

    Mrs. Kelly Fisher-Bishop kellyfisher@claytonschools.net  

    Mr. Brent Jamison, brentonjamison@claytonschools.net

    Mr. Nino LaMadrid, ninolamadrid@claytonschools.net

    Mrs. Carroll Lehnhoff-Bell carrolllehnhoff-bell@claytonschools.net

    Mr. Andrew Roberts andrewroberts@claytonschools.net

    Mr. Kirk Robinson kirkrobinson@claytonschools.net


    Credit for graduation is given for your Learning Center class.  A 4 point system will be used for grading Learning Center and an average of “3” or above will be needed in order to get credit.  


    Here are our expectations to earn that credit:

    • Submission of a weekly planner (due on Tues./Wed. during class) that illustrates time management. You can use your own system or the one we provide, but the planner should include:
      • Due dates for all assignments.
      • System of prioritizing and scheduling assignments.
      • Resources you will need to complete assignments (see examples below).
        • Textbook
        • Computer
        • Teacher (Name)
        • Peers (Names)
        • Parents
        • Material(s)
        • Academic resources
          • Khan Academy
          • Newspapers
          • Magazines
          • Library
      • Evidence of completion of assignments (screen shot, photo, or other evidence).
      • Follow-up (plan for completing assignments that were missed, or follow-up meetings with teachers).


    • Completion of a weekly reflection (due on Monday, about the previous week) that provides evidence of your growth as an independent learner.