• PD Review 2012 - Recommendations


    Accountability and Evaluation

    1.  Support and maintain AllofE as a source of monitoring and approving attendance, need for professional learning, and impact on classroom instruction.


    2.  PDC, DLC and CCC should explore specific data that are indicators of the connection between professional learning and student achievement. This could include studying:

    ·     PD Needs Assessment (SAI) data at district and building level

    ·     Evaluations from internal events

    ·     Learning Walks designed to gather feedback on specific professional learning initiatives (i.e.: PLC, math implementation, Lab Classroom, etc)

    ·     Student assessment data disaggregated to the professional learning connections


    3.  PDC, DLC and CCC should develop specific ways to evaluate external professional learning.


    4. The PLC model should be revisited by district and building leaders to discuss ways to refine this model of professional learning to impact student achievement.  This could include use of internal models and sharing best practices within and between buildings.


    5.  Effective July 1, 2012, the responsibilities for professional learning will be assigned to the Assistant Superintendent for Teaching and Learning and responsibilities for new teacher induction and ongoing support to the Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources. PDC, DLC and CCC need to monitor the impact of those changes and ensure the structures are in place to support professional learning.


    6.  An annual PD update to the BOE will allow PDC and administration to monitor impact in an ongoing way, supported by updates to AllofE.




    1.  Training and building of shared understanding with;

    ·     AESOP building coordinators and then staff regarding coding absences

    ·     District leaders (Central Office and Building Principals) and Fund Owners (Leaders and their support staff)regarding the capabilities of AllofE and the approval process for external professional learning

    ·     Parents and community regarding useof District time for professional learning

    ·     District PDC and Curriculum Coordinators regarding content/program professional development needs, plans and follow-up

    ·     District leaders with each other regarding best practices and SIP progress in terms of professional learning

    ·     District leaders with mentors regarding common message and expectations for new teacher training and support for teachers new to curriculum/position

    ·     Principals and PDC regarding the effective use of the PD Framework, the PD Processes and the Evaluation System to better communicate, connect, align, monitor and inform the district professional development plan


    Ongoing Leadership Professional Learning

    1.  District Leadership Council, Curriculum Coordinators Council and the District PDC all need plans for continuous professional development and support for leaders to include:

    ·     A yearly professional learning calendar, based on needs of the group that is agreed upon and committed to by the group.  This calendar would include opportunities for the group to:

    o  Share best practices and successes related to professional learning

    o  Engage in data conversations

    ·     An orientation and/or assigned mentor for new leaders to these groups

    2.  Support and refine the Lab Classroom Leadership Program as a model of teacher leadership development


    3.  PDC and DLC should explore National Board Certification models for teacher development



    Subject Matter Mastery

    1.  Ensure professional learning and support for teachers to deepen their content knowledge and subject matter expertise through both internal and external structures.  This professional learning should be coordinated between Curriculum Coordinators, PDC and principals.


    2.Continue to explore partnership opportunities for content-based university course offerings on the Clayton campus.