• I love teaching Life  Skills!  Life Skills at Glenridge is our version of what is known by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education MO Model Guidance guidelines for delivering curriculum related to:

    1. Social and Emotional Growth (Knowing about self and others, communicating, teasing/bullying strategies, etc.)

    2. Academic Skills Growth  (study skills, test taking tips, homework, listening, following directions, type of learner, etc.) 

    3. Future Jobs and Careers (Interests, jobs and career exploration)

    At the elementary level the MO Model requires a collaboration with the School Guidance Counselor and the classroom teachers when delivering the above topics to the students. Lessons center on grade level development and concerns, but the collaboration with the classroom teachers allows me to be more specific with Life Skills and the individual needs of each class.
Last Modified on October 25, 2012