Commonly referred to as the "Speech and Debate Team" - this program gives students extensive competitive and non-competitive opportunities throughout the school year!  In this extensive program, student choice drives every action in that students select when they practice, when they compete, in which events they would like to compete, and what their definition of success is.  Some students come in to win tournaments.  The vast majority (including their coach) got involved in Speech & Debate because they wanted to learn how to form arguments, evaluate arguments, communicate with people, and develop an ability to actually have real say in their situations for the rest of their lives!  We welcome everyone no matter what your motivations are!

    Students may sign up for the team at any point during the Fall semester, but the earlier, the better.  The 1st quarter is spent in extensive learning and practice.  The 2nd and 3rd quarters are when we compete.  The 4th quarter is spent in a variety of creative ways to learn how to better engage the community around us!

    Students wishing to earn academic credit towards their GPA and graduation can do so by enrolling in the Forensics course.  This is optional, but highly encouraged for 1) new students to the team and 2) anyone in the school who plans to compete more than once in Speech & Debate.  The workload required to become successful is the same if you're in the course or not in the course; the only difference is the level of committment that's required.

    Clayton's team is extremely highly ranked and regarded locally, regionally, state-wide, and Nationally.  Students may pick any combination of competitive events they wish:  International Extemp, US Extemp, Original Oratory, Informative Speaking, Radio, Storytelling, Prose Reading, Poetry Reading, Program Oral Interpretation, Humorous Interpretation, Duo Interpretation, Dramatic Interpretation, Policy Debate, Congressional Debate, Public Forum Debate, and/or Lincoln-Douglas Debate.

    Clayton's team participates in local invitationals, the Greater St. Louis Speech Association Conference, the Missouri State High School Activities Association's District Tournament and the Eastern Missouri-National Speech and Debate Association's District Tournament.  Qualifiers from the MSHSAA District move on to the MSHSAA State Tournament.  Qualifiers from the NSDA District move on the NSDA National Tournament.


Last Modified on July 21, 2019