About the Courses I Teach:

  • I teach three courses over the course of the school year -- each of them is also connected to an co-curricular activity:


    • The Forensics course is designed for students who wish to receive academic credit for their participation on Clayton's Speech & Debate Team, Mock Trial Team, Readers' Theatre Team, and/or International Public Policy Forum.

    • The Video Production course is designed for students wishing to learn more about videography, editing, publishing, broadcast journalism, and web-content development.  In this introductory course, students devote ~60% of their effort towards producing content for the Greyhound News Network's various media outlets including, but not limited to, Greyhound Exclusive Television, GNN Morning Announcements, the Senior Video, and our social media outlets (YouTube & Instagram).

    • The Video Production Editorial Leadership course is designed for students wishing to grow as a video producer.  Major foci include addvanced content development as well as production managment of students in the Video Production course.  Enrollment in this course requires an application process and instructor approval.

    See the sub-pages for more information about each!



Last Modified on July 21, 2019