10th - 12th Grade
    Credit –1/2
    1st Quarter 3:15 – 4:00, MTHF    

    Prerequisite:   None, but class is required, but not limited to, all students cast in the Fall Play.

    This quarter-long class meets after school before Fall Play rehearsals and focuses on a specific topic of theater related to the Fall Play.  For example, if the Fall Play is a Shakespeare play, then the course would focus on Acting for Shakespeare.  You need not be in the Fall Play to take the class, but it is required for all actors cast in Fall Play.  The class will not be used for rehearsal, but for specific course work to enhance each students’ experience in working on the production.  Topics may include Period Styles (Greek, Restoration, etc), Voice and Movement, and Theater History.     (This course does not qualify for NCAA eligibility.)  
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