10th - 12th Grade
    Credit – 1/2
    Semester 1 or 2        

    Prerequisite:    Art I, the equivalent, or recommendation of an instructor.

    This intermediate level course expands on the concepts introduced in Art I. Art making continues to be the emphasis of instruction. Students are encouraged to experiment and make individual choices about the techniques they will employ. Working in a studio setting, students work in a variety of media (drawing, painting, mixed media, collage, printmaking). The skills of composition building and creative problem solving are further developed as students draft ideas and rework assignments in the process of art making. Studying the work of other artists, students will deepen their understanding of the questions and issues of the larger world of art. Students will produce art and will learn ways to think and write about their work. Journals/sketchbooks may be used to aid in the thinking process of the course. Students will create a portfolio of work reflecting the process and the products of the course, which will provide the focus for the mid-term and final conferences.  (This course does not qualify for NCAA eligibility.)

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