11th – 12th Grade
    Credit – 1
    Full Year
    The aims of this course are to build on the student's knowledge of the factual narrative to achieve an understanding of some of the principal themes in modern European history, an awareness of the consequences of European contacts with other areas of the world, and an ability to analyze historical evidence. The chronological period begins with the high Renaissance and concludes with the late 1950's. The three-hour AP examination offered each May enables a student to receive college credit and advancement in college course work at most colleges and universities. Discussion, document study, and library research papers will be required. Students are expected to take the AP exam in May. A significant component of AP United States History, AP European History, and AP World History is learning how to think like an historian. Students in all three courses will learn how to describe and analyze diverse interpretations of the past, develop and support complex arguments, provide context for historical events, and make meaningful connections between different eras, regions, and areas of study. Students are encouraged to take the AP exam in May.

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