11th - 12th Grade
    Credit - 1
    Full Year
    Prerequisite: Chemistry, Honors Biology or departmental approval.
    Advanced Placement Biology is an in-depth study of living systems. All levels of biology, from the molecular to the biosphere, will be presented to ensure that the students have developed an appreciation of the relationships among these levels. Investigations that include careful observation, question posing, hypothesis formulation, and hypothesis testing under controlled conditions will ensure that the students use the scientific process. The pupils will develop higher cognitive skills by analyzing and synthesizing experimental data and discussing contemporary biological issues. Biological concepts and principles will be taught at a university level. Emphasis will be placed on biochemistry, physiology, evolution, ecology, genetics, and cytology. The students will be prepared for and expected to take the AP Biology examination. A few exceptional science students will be recommended to take AP Biology as a junior without first taking Biology.
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