• SSD Parent Education and Diversity Awareness Program (PEDA) 
    PEDA champions meaningful inclusion, equity, family engagement and collaborative relationships which will support student success and living their best self-determined lives.
    Elizabeth Fox, Administrator 
    Check out PEDA HERE!on SSD's website.
    PEDA also has its own website full of wonderful information and resources. Click here to check it out!
    The SSD Parent Education and Diversity Awareness (PEDA) program utilizes a number of strategies and services to reach and support all families and stakeholders. PEDA supports our stakeholders through:
    • Consultation
    • Resource and referral
    • Problem solving
    • Training/workshops *via Zoom*
    • Parent Advisory Council (PAC) development
    • Support and leadership development
    In addition, our program provides ongoing collaboration with community agencies. All of the resources available in our Family and Community Resource Center and our workshops are open to the entire community.