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    "Forensics" is an Aristotelian term used to describe "art and study of oral argumentation & debate, especially in a court of law."  It stems from the development or oratory and oral argumentation in ancient Greece (which have evolved into the modern formats of academic debate and legal proceedings).  Most people think of scientific investigations when they see "Forensics" -- what they're ACTUALLY thinking of is "Forensic Science" which actually means "investigative science used to prove guilt or innocence in a court of law."  

    At Clayton High School, we use "Forensics" in two ways:

    • To identify the "Clayton Forensics" program which consists of our Speech Team, Oral Interpretation Team, Debate Team, Mock Trial Team, Readers' Theatre Team, and our International Public Policy Forum Team.  You can read more about this program of activities at www.claytonforensics.com.

    • To identify a 0-Hour Course where students at CHS can earn academic credit towards their GPA and Graduation throuh participation in any of the programs offered under "Clayton Forensics."

    This highly individualized course is largely peer-taught by student leaders (after completion of the Clayton Forensics Summer Leadership Program).  Students enrolled in the course are placed into one of four sections:

    • Novice (1st year)
    • Post-Novice (2nd year)
    • Varsity (3rd & 4th year)
    • Captains (Course and Team Leaders)

    Each section has a Google Classroom that guides them through their assignments and expectations, but typically each student is expected to attend two - three classes per week (M-F, 7:20 - 8:10) based on the competitive events they have entered.  From their, they are expected to participate in a certain number of competitive rounds during weekend tounrmanets throughout the competitive season.

    The current syllabus, assignment lists, and additional course information can be found HERE.

Last Modified on September 18, 2020