The Wydown Middle School literacy curriculum engages students through seven essential classroom practices: shared reading, independent reading, assigned writing, self-selected writing, discussion, inquiry and demonstrations. These classroom practices foster continued growth in the District’s Enduring Understandings:
  • A literate person recognizes and uses the structures, conventions, and roles of language.
  • A literate person uses language as a tool for gathering information, constructing and disseminating  knowledge.
  • A literate person recognizes the social nature and power of language, using it to share meaning, build a sense of community, influence others and create connections with past, present, and future, expand perspective, and understand the unfamiliar.
  • A literate person values language as a tool for reflection and exploration of personal and intellectual concerns.
  • A literate person responds to the beauty of language, appreciates and explores its variety, and uses language to create and inspire.

Educate. Inspire. Empower.