• Office of Student Services
    The Student Services department serves as a liaison to the Special School District for special education services. The department is also responsible for 504 compliance, student records management, assessment, policy development, homeless student program, school counseling program, health services program, library media program, gifted services, personal tuition program and the Voluntary Student Transfer Program. For information on the Student Services department, contact:

    Department Staff
    Kashina Bell, Ed.D.
    Assistant Superintendent of Student Services

    Julie Engelhard
    Assistant to the Assistant Superintendent of Student Services

    Key Areas of Responsibility
    • Special School District
      • Contact Margy Brake, SSD Area Coordinator, at 314-854-6016.
    • Special Education
    • Student Records
    • Attendance/CORE data
    • At Risk Programming
    • Alternative (Collaborative School)
      • Contact Dan Gutchewsky, Clayton High School Principal, at 314-854-6616.
    • Voluntary Transfer Program
    • Free and Reduced Lunch Program
      • Contact Rebecca Mora, Administrative Assistant for Food Services, at 314-854-6641.
    • Homeless Student Program
    • School Counseling Program
    • Health Services Program
    • Library Media Program
    • Gifted Program
    • Assessment
    • Personal Tuition Program